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  • Family Friendly
  • Multiplayer Snowboarding


Slopecrashers is an arcade snowboard combat racer in which a wild crew of animals band together on a world spanning snowboarding tour! Do stunts & combos for extra boost and collect items to protect yourself or attack competitors! Ride on your own or battle it out in 4 player local multiplayer!

Release date:
Coming soon

Arcade snowboarding is here!

Slopecrashers is crafted with one thing in mind and that is FUN, from the character selection right into the core physics.

STUNTS. COMBOS. BOOST. REPEAT! Chain those tricks together and redeem the combo meter when you are ready for that EXTRA SPEEDBOOST!

Look out for your opponents causing EXPLOSIONS, MOLES digging up the ground and more. So collect items and ATTACK! (Too stressful? Then choose an item- or opponent-free mode)

And these slopes are not just in snow environments. No! Where we're shredding, WE DON'T NEED SNOW! So don't wonder if the next race starts in a shopping mall, the desert or a tropical jungle area!


  • A chaotic band of playable animals!
  • Different boards and gliders!
  • Elaborate stunt & combo system with boost reward!
  • Various environments and slopes!
  • Lots of game modes (races, battle races, stuntshow, slalom & more)!
  • Couch coop multiplayer (coop & competitive)!
  • Campaign and arcade mode with lots of event modifiers!
  • Online multiplayer for up to 8 players!