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This is Neonhive

Our History

At Neonhive, we’ve had a long, hard look at what it means to be part of the gaming industry in 2024 and we came to a decision. We want the industry to be a fairer, more equitable place for all who work and play in it. So, we set up Neonhive Games.

Spearheaded by Korina Abbott, alongside a team combining industry experts with exciting young talent, we’re creating a publisher which prioritises developing enjoyable games as part of an ethical and kind business.

Our Philosophy

Entertainment is Everything.

We believe gaming should be a source of joy and excitement. Our games are crafted to bring emotional experiences, enjoyment and a sense of adventure to players of all ages.

United in Purpose.

We believe in the power of partnerships, working hand-in-hand with developers and studios. We’re dedicated to joining forces with people who echo our commitment to fairness, inclusivity and respect. Our goal is to positively impact the industry, celebrating every milestone together.

Smart Business, Wise Decisions.

Our team’s extensive industry experience ensures we make smart, strategic decisions that benefit not just our company but our partners, players and the broader gaming community. We balance creativity with practicality, ensuring sustainable success.

Our team

Korina - She/Her

Founder and CEO

Founder Korina has been winning awards in the games industry for over a decade now and in 2019, she was listed as one of the most influential women in the UK games industry.

Working with some of the world’s biggest publishers – including Bethesda, Ubisoft and Square Enix – she’s covered the whole marketing mix, but right now, her mission is to help devs minimise the stresses of launching a new game.

Jane - She/Her


Jane worked in media sales for too long – her words! – before stepping into games at EGX. As Neonhive’s Chief Operating Officer, she’s your first point of contact, matching your needs to our services and getting your project up and running seamlessly.

In fact, Jane probably has her head in a spreadsheet or slide presentation somewhere right now – well, it’s all part of her quest to ensure we keep improving!

Charlotte - She/Her

Marketing and Development Manager

Charlotte has 10+ years of games experience, from retail beginnings of Gamestation, up to working on one of the biggest IP’s on the planet doing PR/Marketing at Dlala for Disney Illusion Island.

She’s launched global events with EGX & PAX, worked with indies at Curve, and with and MCV/Develop on B2B media side. At Neonhive she’ll ensure your marketing campaigns stay on track no matter what!

Sarah - She/Her

Senior Marketing Manager

With 15+ years of marketing experience, Sarah has navigated through global brands and startups, crafting campaigns for Nintendo and pioneering music projects with Levi’s. She developed innovative strategies for Gousto and led guerilla tactics for Feeld.

At NEONHIVE, Sarah combines her marketing prowess with a deep passion for gaming. She’s committed to elevating games, tackling any challenge to make a lasting impact in the gaming industry.

Rachel - She/Her

PR Manager

An award-winning journalist, Rach knows how to ensure your game stands out. With diverse media connections, she can secure meaningful coverage, create eye-catching press releases, and advise on key PR beats.

Able to weave unique content for your game and with a gift for the gab, Rachel thrives on showcasing indie games to the world.

David - He/Him

PR Executive

With a background in journalism, David knows a thing or two about how the press works. Previously writing for publishers like LADBible and Social Chain, he’s ready to share his expertise with you.

You’ll catch David typing up press releases, pinpointing the best outlets to pitch your project to, or bopping along to The Sims 1 soundtrack (he really likes The Sims 1).

Matto - He/They

Influence Manager

Influencer Manager Matto has been gaming since Frankie insisted we “relax” and brings extensive experience in event management, along with his expertise in generating and analysing community interaction reports.

That’s not all, though. With expertise in content creation, they’re a natural when it comes to interacting with your fans and followers on social media, and maintains communities in and outside of gaming.

Georgie - She/They

Influencer Executive

Georgie lives, breathes, and talks about games more naturally than blinking – and her passion never stops growing. After managing social media accounts for fun, Georgie turned her love for connecting people with the right games into a career in 2022.

Up to date on the latest rising influencers, they never stop looking for the right matches. If Georgie’s not watching Twitch, she’s probably asleep.

Alex - She/Her

Head of Community

Seasoned community manager Alex brings over 10 years of experience. After absorbing all the elements of your game, our Queen of Content crafts memes, clips, images, gifs, and more to share across your socials.

It doesn’t stop there, though; Alex knows how important it is to keep you and your community informed, so expect routine reports and all the science-y bits you need to see exactly how your campaign is progressing.

Louisa - She/Her

TikTok Specialist

TikTok extraordinaire Louisa has been vlogging and experimenting with the latest video trends since her teenage years. She is fully equipped with a strong content creation background in commercial video and television.

From events for early creators to being recognised for her personal content, Louisa has the expertise to ensure you’re keeping up-to-date with the constantly evolving world of TikTok.

Gloria - She/Her

Community Manager

Award-winning content creator Gloria has worked in the social media field since the start of YouTube many years ago. She’s covered topics from body confidence to comedy, appeared in her own sketches on late night TV, and fostered a loyal Twitch community.

Now she oversees our company channels whilst applying her skills to help communities grow, through her passion and enthusiasm for their games.

Apollo - They/Them

Admin Assistant

The extremely organised Apollo is here to make sure you have a smooth Neonhive experience. They bring a whole bundle of administrative experience from working at the University of Exeter.

Apollo helps keep our team at top condition with their love of streamlining processes and being an Excel deity. They find joy in double checking we’re doing great work for you, thoroughly and quickly.

Marketing Support

If you’re looking for self-publishing support, our marketing agency might be what you need!

With extensive firsthand experience launching all kinds of campaigns – big and small, AAA and indie – there isn’t much we haven’t seen or done before.

Browse our case studies and get in touch if you would like have a chat about your game launch.


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